GSR – Glycol Sustainable Recovery

Our glycol recycling processes deliver major environmental benefits

Every year, Global Resource Recovery transforms more than 100 million litres of waste every year, some of which can be returned to market. We empower businesses to dispose of their waste sustainably, and Glycol Sustainable Recovery (GSR) is just one of our stand-out services.

Our state-of-the-art facilities and processes enable us to recover glycol from coolants and LNG waste streams, and return it to market at 99% purity. This long-term solution for glycol recycling is a major contributing factor to the circular economy, so organisations like yours can switch to more environmentally sustainable processes.

Leading the way through cutting-edge solutions

Currently, glycol is often disposed of incorrectly by industries across Australia. Despite its status as a schedule 5 poison, most glycol-based products (such as coolants) were disposed of in sewage systems, compost or landfill, or added to waste oil. Glycol is traditionally an imported product, so mismanagement triggers the need to import more of these chemicals and puts a greater strain on our waste management system.

To tackle this ongoing issue, Global Resource Recovery generated our unique, closed-loop recycling solution. We’re sustainably supporting Australian gas assets by recycling used glycol into a purified product that can be returned to the market and reused. With two strategically placed facilities in Australia, we’re well positioned to receive and recycle waste coolants and reduce our reliance on virgin materials.

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Regulation compliance
We provide tailored waste solutions that comply with all OH&S and EPA regulations.
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Around-the-clock facilities
Our facilities are open 24/7 and we’re on-hand to respond quickly to any emergencies.
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Safe & sustainable
We’re experts in risk management systems and safe waste disposal methods, and are working towards a more sustainable future.

Australia’s only independent glycol & coolant recycling plants

It’s expected that, by 2025, Australia will use 62 million litres of coolants per year, and that around 30% of that can be recycled. Global Resource Recovery has the only two glycol and coolant recycling plants in Australia, based in Laverton and Darwin. Our highly-trained personnel use a unique suite of state-of-the-art technologies to process coolants and other glycol-based waste products, in order to recover the glycol component.

The innovative process involves the extraction of the waste coolant’s main ingredient (usually monoethylene glycol and propylene glycol). We then clean and purify it through our distillation process, in order to recover the glycol almost back to full purity. As a result, we’re a key player in the reduction of unsustainably disposed waste, adding value to our customers and delivering positive changes to the environment.

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