Our Values

What’s important to us & our customers

Our winning culture is nurtured every day through our values, which are ingrained in our people, processes and technology. We believe that in order for a culture to be meaningful, the same values have to be practised day-to-day by our team as one complete unit.

Our values reflect what’s important to us and our customers. They guide how we behave, and ensure every person at Global Resource Recovery acts like owners of the business every minute of every day.


  • We are constantly learning about the market by having our customers at the centre of everything we do.
  • We are a valued business partner because of our ability to move fast – we value speed, nimbleness and responsiveness.
  • We have the agility to explore new opportunities because of our adherence to established evaluation criteria.

Strategic Mindset

  • We prioritise our ideas so that everything we do adds value to the business.
  • We think and act strategically.
  • We “tell the GRR story” to help focus on the priorities, to make sure that opportunities are validated and projects are completed.

Results Driven

  • We champion the use of business systems and processes, prioritising chemistry over additional capital.
  • We always ask “why” and challenge the way we do things, to take responsibility for implementing improvements.
  • We focus on delivering value back to our customers by providing total waste management solutions to meet their corporate and social responsibilities.


  • We are continuously improving ourselves and delivering our business outcomes by being data-driven.
  • We help fix the root cause of problems by challenging opinions, seeking verification and taking action.
  • We take responsibility for the identification of risks and hazards, and ensure that risk mitigation is a standard measure within our business.


  • We build exceptional relationships with our GRR stakeholders, and we’re known for being a solutions provider.
  • We engage industry and their communities to collaborate in order to achieve great outcomes for them and GRR.
  • We support each other and celebrate success.

Our Story

Since 2015, we’ve been redefining the waste management cycle & helping to strengthen the circular economy.

Our People

Our team consists of a diverse range of backgrounds, cultures, talents & experience.

Our Sustainable Future

We lead from the front, adopting state-of-the-art processes & always aiming for zero.