Our People

Our safety culture puts people first

We’re working towards a more sustainable future with a people-first approach. The number one reason GRR is constantly improving – through our technology, premises and processes – is for the well-being of people. From our team, to our partners and the wider community, we work hard every day to keep people safe.

Fostering a zero-harm work environment, we focus on staying ahead of the curve and delivering positive outcomes for all of those around us.

Meet the team

We’re fiercely committed to the safety and well-being of our people because they’re the heart of what we do. GRR is made up of some of the industry’s smartest and most experienced individuals, who each brings a wealth of knowledge, experience and diversity to the team.

We’ve built up a culture that embraces a variety of ethnicities, backgrounds and talents. Together, we make excellence a habit, and each day we take one more step towards a sustainable future for Australia.

Executive Team

Human Clipart

Mike Everton

Human Clipart
Technical Director

Ray Bitzer (USA)

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General Manager – Northern Territory

Mick Rogers

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Safety and Compliance Manager

James Macdonald

Technical Team

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Technical Manager

Sue McWhirter

Our Story

Since 2015, we’ve been redefining the waste management cycle & helping to strengthen the circular economy.

Our Values

We put our winning culture down to the application of our core values every day.

Our Sustainable Future

We lead from the front, adopting state-of-the-art processes & always aiming for zero.