Aiming for Zero

Achieving a zero harm environment starts with putting people first

Global Resource Recovery has a Zero Harm Policy in place, which is ingrained in our safety culture throughout the entire business. Every day, every member of our team carries out operations in accordance with the strictest Occupational Health & Safety Standards.

We firmly believe that the only way to achieve a truly zero harm environment is by making the health and well-being of people our number one priority. It’s our duty to ensure that people feel safe and comfortable when arriving at work each day, and that they are able to return home, without harm, at the end of their working day.

Accountability led by management

Our safety culture starts with our leadership team. By leading by example and reinforcing safe, sustainable practices, we can prevent injury and disease obtained in the workplace or as a result of our processes.

Each member of our team understands that they’re accountable for their actions, and that every individual is responsible for identifying and mitigating risk. We see this in action every day, and we believe that’s down to establishing clear leadership expectations and working in a transparent manner that actively involves people of all levels.

Our commitment

We’re committed to positive outcomes for the environment, our people and the wider community. With safety, sustainability and continuous improvement guiding every decision, our customers and neighbours can comfortably put their confidence in us.

Our relentless commitments include:

  • To provide a zero-harm environment for people to work in
  • To make sustainable choices that protect the environment
  • To deliver streamlined, efficient services that minimise waste
  • To be an industry leader when it comes to establishing best practices
  • To culturally embed risk management and ensure every employee is aligned with our zero harm commitment

Our People

Our team consists of a diverse range of backgrounds, cultures, talents & experience.

Our Values

We put our winning culture down to the application of our core values every day.